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Take a good look at this name.

And remember it!

Coz if you ever meet this guy in Thailand do yourself a favour: Run, Run, Run!

Coz this man is what we in plain English name a CONMAN.

Ray Moreman is a conman of the worst kind!

He do not cheat you right away. He is very patient and do his "job" carefully.

And then suddenly you've had it! Your money, your clients, your customers and your friends are gone!

We are a large bunch of guys who have been cheated and pissed off by this Mr. Ray Moreman.

And we have loads of witnesses that will tell you likewise.

Mr. Moreman is yet another English conman who hates everything about Thailand and is conning people just for his own pleasure, also when money is not involved. It is a hobby to him! He loves to *** off people.

Which of course also is why he has no friends at all.

Even his own family hates him! He has not seen his children for 25 years because they hate him!

Same goes for his English ex-wife!

Same goes for his several Thai ex-wives and ex-girlfriends.

And especially his former business partners in Thailand really hate this guy!

After several years research we finally was able to create this Group

"We Hate Ray Moreman".

Our entire goal is to WARN OTHERS about this crook!

Here are a few stories to tell you what a terrible human being Mr. Moreman is!

Or to use plain words: Mr. Moreman is an ***, *** hole, *** hole, you name it. He is one of the worst!

Read on:

Ray is a former employee at the British Railway.

He is divorced in the UK from his English ex-wife.

Together they have 2 children.

After a few years his UK wife had enough and threw Ray out and he have not talked to her and his children ever since!

Ray is also divorced in the UK from his Thai ex-wife who lived with him in the UK for 5 years.

He met his Thai wife on a bar in Patong during a vacation to Phuket, married her on the spot and brought her back to live with him in the UK.

After 5 years she had enough and divorced him.

When he came to Phuket to retire he became friends with another English man who owned a computer repair shop. Let us call him Dave. Dave employed Ray as a computer repairman.

Soon Dave discovered what kind of guy Ray is.

Here is a couple of Dave's points:

"¢ "Ray cheated me and stole my money".

"¢ "Ray badmouthed me to my friends and customers. Lied about me and told silly stories".

"¢ "None of my customers liked Ray and named him "˜Mr. Superior' because Ray is the kind of human who knows everything and feels he is better than everyone else in Thailand".

"¢ "Ray tries to make friends with people he can use, and when they are of no more use to him he *** them off and badmouth them."

"¢ "Ray finds huge pleasure in other people's misfortune and accidents, and I have seen him many times laugh when someone is involved in an accident or if someone is unlucky in business. Ray calls them "˜*** idiots' and says "˜Thailand makes you ***' and says this will never happen to him."

"¢ "When I sacked Ray he threatened to open his own PC shop next door and ruin my business. He DID try to steal my customers but they hated him and told me about him. Apart from that nothing happened, because Ray is pure talk but no action."

"¢ "Ray lie to everyone and tell them he has years of experience in real estate construction from the UK. That is a big fat lie, since he all his life in the UK worked for British Railroads."

"¢ "The only experience Ray has in construction when he relocated to Sichon, was via managing the workers building his own villa in Kata. It took him 4 years to finish, because all the workers hated him and nobody could work with him and either they quit or got fired by Ray."

"¢ "I started my own construction company in Phuket and just in front of Ray's villa in Kata I constructed 5 villas. Ray started building 1 year before me. When my 5 luxury villas were complete, Ray still struggled with building his villa."

Another former "friend" of Ray says that Ray has cheated him out of big money. Let us call this guy Nigel from Ireland.

Nigel is a shy guy so he was hard to find but finally we succeeded with the help of Dave.

Nigel says that Ray also threatened him with the Thai Mafia if he did not keep his mouth shut!

"Ray told me if I ever mentioned this "˜incident' to anyone he would deny any knowledge of this and then he would make sure that his Thai Mafia friends would pay me a visit and break every bone in my body."

Max is a Canadian. He hates Ray and says he is the biggest crook in Thailand.

Max got in contact with Ray via a Scandinavian website where beachfront land was offered cheap for sale in Sichon.

Max arranged a meeting with Ray and viewed the land.

Ray said everything was in order and asked for a deposit for the land.

But Max had a Thai lawyer and asked this lawyer to check the land and the lawyer found out that there was only land title deeds on 50% of the land. The other 50% beachfront had NO PAPERS!

Then Ray lied to Max and told him that the land office was on the way to issue land papers for the land "˜soon'. But today 5 years later there is still NO PAPERS.

Max almost got cheated out of 6 million THB by Ray.

Some years ago a Scandinavian investor hired Ray to find land for sale for him. Let's call the investor for Morton.

At this point Ray was working for another Scandinavian realtor in Sichon. Let's call this realtor for Jack.

Ray engaged with a British broker in Khanom to find land for Morton.

Ray did find land to Morton priced at 2 million THB per rai.

Beachfront north of Sichon.

Problem for Morton was that the owner of the land only wanted 900,000 THB per rai.

So Ray and his British broker heavily overcharged Morton and shared 3.3 million "˜commission' between them and the British broker even gave away a motorcycle to Ray's girlfriend.

But the Scandinavian broker Jack who had hired Ray to work for him did NEVER EVER get one single Baht in commission. Ray simply told Jack that he did not receive any commission.

But we know this is a lie since we talked both to the seller and the British broker.

Ray cheated Jack for his share of 1.65 million THB. Ray stole the money and kept quiet!

Jack says Ray lied to him, stole his money, stole his clients, badmouthed him both in front of his friends and his clients.

After a while in Sichon Ray told Jack: "You better remove all your land from your website and from your display window, because my friends in the Thai Mafia will come after you because you "˜steal' their commission."

However Jack had a meeting with several Thai brokers and there were NO PROBLEMS whatsoever.

Now Jack found out that Ray was trying to "˜get rid of him' to take over Sichon and Khanom himself.

Jack managed to find witnesses who agreed to write and sign their statements proving that Ray actually did cheat and badmouth Jack behind his back.

Morton also told Jack that Ray badmouthed him in front of him but Morton did not want to get involved in their "˜war'.

Here are 3 statements, two from Americans and one from a Dane:

The Dane, let's call him Micky:

"Jack and I had been friends for some time and we were working on a new business idea.

One day Ray told me a lot of bad stories about Jack. He said Jack was a liar and cheated his customers and much more.

But I knew some of the stories were lies since Jack already told me these stories with his own words, so I was surprised to why Ray told me these lies.

I had the impression about Ray that he wanted me to quit my work with Jack and relocate back to Denmark. The faster the better.

I also had the impression that Ray did everything he could do to harm Jack's reputation so he could take over Jack's business in Sichon because I also overheard Ray talking to other clients behind the back of Jack.

I told Jack this and then he sacked Ray for good!"

The first American, let's call him Tom:

"I contacted Jack about a plot of land I wanted to buy in Sichon.

I asked about the price and found it was a nice plot of land to that price.

I told Jack I wanted to buy it!

But next day Ray Moreman came to my room at the resort where I lived and told me:

"˜Don't trust Jack, he overcharges you. Let me help you to buy. Ray said he would save me 100,000 THB.

I said "˜OK, I don't mind saving money' and then I bought the land via Ray Moreman.

My girlfriend spoke to the seller after the deal was closed at the land office and was told that Ray got 300,000 THB commission. 300,000 THB which Ray stole from Jack, since Ray worked for Jack."

Jack himself says:

"I worked with Ray Moreman for 13 months in Sichon, where Ray acted as my sales manager.

In those 13 months I sold NOTHING! NADA! ZERO!

After I finally fired the conman I quickly sold 3-4 plots of land within a few months.

So I do wonder how many clients Ray has conned me for, and how much money he stole from me!"

And Jack continues:

"Within these 13 months with Ray he also managed to ruin a project I was preparing with 2 Danish clients.

It was a construction project with an estimated profit of 40 million THB.

Ray used all his knowledge to badmouth me in front of these investors and made them think I was a bad man and they should not trust me but instead they should trust Ray.

Somehow these 2 investors believed in Ray and didn't even take the time to ASK me any questions, they simply sent me an email and told me "˜we quit, we know you cheat us, Ray told us that' and then they quit."

"Later I found out that Ray told them a lot of horror stories, lie after lie and more lies. And the investors believed him.

But today these investors still do not have a project with Ray Moreman, and I guess they found out what a man he actually REALLY is. 5 years and still no project, strange, right? I bet Ray just used these 2 investors and when they were at no more use, he ditched them. As he usually do with his "˜friends' and people who trust him."

The second American, let's call him Jim:

"I contacted Jack via his website to view some land in Sichon and Jack sent Ray to take care of me and my Thai wife.

We viewed a few plots of land and then we went to our resort to eat lunch.

Ray had his girlfriend with him, and I exchanged looks with my wife because Ray's girlfriend looked like the usual bargirl in Pattaya with high heels and almost naked in her little dress.

Ray started talking bad about Sichon and said it was a *** hole and people who wanted to invest here must be ***.

Then he opened his mobile phone and laughed out loud and showed my wife a *** movie he had downloaded from the internet.

I couldn't believe my own eyes so I asked for the bill, paid and left for my room.

Next morning I left for holiday in Samui and never looked back.

It was a surprise when I got an email from Jack some 5-6 weeks later who asked me about what happened. If I ever had bought any land in Sichon?

I told Jack that I did not buy because of Ray, and Jack replied to me that he just discovered that Ray treated all his clients like this and that he stole Jack's commission from the land sale."


"4 years ago I told Ray Moreman, that if he did not IMEDIATELY STOP badmouthing me, lying about me and harm my reputation I would sue his *** off. Since then I have heard nothing from him or from other clients so I kept my word and didn't sue him for slander and defamation."

OK, Maybe Jack has not heard anything from Ray Moreman recently.

But via our reliable sources we know that Ray Moreman is now "˜friends' with a Danish real estate developer who has just settled in Phuket. His name is Lars Lang from Thai Estate Scandinavia and they were seen together in Sichon and looked very much like "˜friends' and partners.

So Lars Lang from Thai Estate Scandinavia should really BE AWARE! Ray Moreman is a creep! A conman! If Lars Lang is working with Ray Moreman, he will lose BIG TIME!

Especially because Ray Moreman do NOT have a work permit.

He only have a bogus LinkedIn profile where he states that he is a "˜Projects Manager at RKG Enterprise Comp Ltd.' which is a lie, since this company is not found anywhere in Samui.


Lars Lang should be very much worried ruining his reputation by co-operating with a conman like Ray Moreman! That is a very bad start to your life in Thailand, Lars Lang!

We do hope that somehow you read this, Lars Lang. And get rid of this pest called Ray Moreman!

UNLESS of course that Ray Moreman and Lars Lang are two of a kind! Then we for sure recommend ANYONE to stay clear of this couple!

If anyone of you folks out there know or hear anything interesting about Mr. Ray Moreman or Lars Lang, you are more than welcome to post it here and we will get back to you ASAP!

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